Camel Coat and Gazelles

Hi, hello, how are you guys?! I am very enthusiastic about being back on the blog, my separation anxiety was starting to kick in! These are some photos of what I would wear for an everyday running around town kind of look. I really only wear thrifted Levi's but I actually just bought a new pair of jeans today, that I will definitely show you guys soon. For shoes, I haven't removed the Gazelles by Adidas for sometime now. I have them in a couple different colors to help me justify wearing the same style of shoe EVERYDAY! My top is cropped and has ruffles galore, I saw a lot of ruffles at fashion week and also some scandalous sternum exposure, which I might be into (I need a week to ponder). This camel coat has been a staple for me all winter and I am going to keep it around for Spring. It is from Zara and is really well made so I feel very put together when I wear it, no matter what I pair it with!

And that is that you guys! I am headed to Tulum, MX in about a week so be ready for some margarita and beach photos! 

TREND ALERT!!!!! (do people still say this?) Ruffles are in and are here to stay and I am on the prowl for a red coat or blazer!!