White Blazer


I haven't always been into clothes that don't hug my body and I think it took myself getting a little older and realizing that sexy and tight isn't always the answer. I'm not saying that I don't love a good tight jean and crop top but they are now mixed in with an oversized structured blazer or a pair of baggy trousers. I guess what I'm trying to get across is that as my style continually evolves it is irrevocably showing me that I don't always need a tight mini to feel good about myself, sometimes its a power pant suit or beautiful white blazer. 

This outfit has definitely been on repeat for me, it is casual with the jeans and ankle boots but the blazer spices it up a little bit! I have this blazer in mustard and I wrote about it in my last post, but it is from Zara as well as the booties! The jeans are levi's and the bag is what my skirt from Realisation Par was shipped in. I love this outfit for Spring and will bring it back out for those Summer nights in Portland!!