Cherry Bomb with Realisation Par


Don't worry ladies and gentlemen, the only thing feeling blue here is that wall!!

These are my latest purchases for Summer/Fall and I couldn't be more thrilled! This is a wrap style shirt from the brand Realisation Par and it is my new go-to top. I covers enough of your stomach so you don't feel over exposed but gives a deep neckline when tied so you still feel comfortable in the summer! The cherries on the top are absolutely adorable and I like that it is against a navy background instead of your typical black blouse. 

The STUNNA shades are from Quay Australia and I really like them. I don't see myself using them as an everyday pair but they are definitely fun to break out every once in a while! I actually just ordered a new pair of LeSpecs that I think I will get much more use out of and I will show you guys soon!

The jeans are from the one and only REDONE! It is really rare that I end up finding staples in my closet that I want to stock up on. Women's wear seems to be so trendy, it is here one second then gone the next, but these jeans are here to stay. I just ordered a second pair in a lighter denim. The company takes mens levis' jeans and creates slimming women' jeans with them. They fit so comfortably if you order true to size. I really can't see myself washing them either because they wear better the more you break them in. Needless to say this is my new staple jean brand. Thanks REDONE for making an awesome product!