Reformation Carina Dress

Hi and welcome to my guide on how to dress like a French girl all summer '17 long! 

Step One: You are going to need a wicker/straw bag, preferably with pom poms attached but not entirely necessary.

Step Two: Go out and get yourself a heeled sandal that lets you look put together because you are entirely capable of wearing a heel all day long yet feel comfortable because you still have a lot of support! The ultimate deceiver known as the heeled sandal!!!!

Step Three: A red messy lip to keep your look sassy yet minimal. No foundation, highlight or bronzer is required. I just curl my eyelashes and use my finger to put on the red lipstick! It is so easy and I feel clean and fresh all day long!

Step Four: The final step is to shop around for an effortless yet chic summer dress. I have been sticking with simple colors or patterns and letting a healthy summer glow shine through!

This last bit isn't a step but just my number one tip of all. Be healthy and happy! Clothes will fit better when you are healthy! You will feel better and more confident when you love your own skin and never forget to take time for yourself. I always invest in things that I know will bring me happiness and if it is a great dress from a great company and a nice glass of red wine then so be it!

This dress is from more than just any old clothing company, it is made by the brand Reformation. Their hashtag on Instagram is #jointhereformation and I strongly recommend that you check them out, I am so happy I did. They only use methods and manufacturers here in the US or abroad manufacturers and methods that are sustainable. It is sustainable fashion people! They are better for the environment and hopefully create a pathway for other brands to begin using better methods as well.