Frills from For Love and Lemons

There is absolutely no fuss over these frills from For Love and Lemons! Recently discovering my love for Revolve Clothing, I have went on sort of a shopping rampage. My first encounter were those black jeans in my last post and here we are, yet again, in a pinky sassy dress. Now that I have established myself a repeat offender I feel no shame in my game (especially my dress game.) Speaking of dresses, I don't think I have ever appreciated them fully. I mean what a mindless piece of clothing that lets you get ready with so much ease and leaves you with time in the morning for coffee or wine, I'm not judging. I agree that fashion should challenge you and daring to wear what makes you feel slightly uncomfortable is what helps your style grow and evolve, but honey I have no issue with a mindless perfect pink dress on a Spring day in Portland!

I hope you guys like this look, I am so happy with how this all turned out and if you want to see more photos, I almost always give a sneak preview of what is to come on my instagram!