Travels in Tulum

I cannot begin to do justice describing my adventures in Tulum, MX. It was my first stamp on my passport and the culture shock was well worth it, never having left the US I was not exactly sure what to expect but I was open to grow and mingle with other walks of life! If you guys don't already know, Tulum is in Mexico and is about a two hour bus ride from Cancun! Every wall was painted with a vibrant force, I felt like I traveled to the city of color! From green to purple with hints of bright pink flowers, the city was a masterpiece and the beaches were a little slice of heaven. In these photos, I wore a WE THE DREAMRS swimsuit and am sad to be back to reality without that suit hugging me perfectly! I am not a very curvy person but the top was very flattering for my small chest and the bottoms left little to the imagination but in a tasteful, I didn't know my booty was hanging out, kind of way! 

I will say that I am excited to be back and have some time to catch up on my favorite blogs, you all have been missed!