Red Alert!

Do you ever dream of being a classy French woman, who loves red wine to end an evening and a messy red lip to start the day? Well you my friend ARE NOT ALONE! With Paris Fashion Week over I took a couple things from it and started running... running around the world wide web that is, lets be real. Red was everywhere. It was the color of coats, lips, pant suits, shoes and bags. And it always looked amazing! This statement color is back and I couldn't be more thrilled! I purchased this red frock coat from Zara and kept it simple with everything else. Not that I am in anyway against color blocking, I plan to wear this coat with a dusty pink ruffle top in the next few days! These are also my new jeans that I mentioned in my last post that I LOVE, and these shoes are easy for me to throw on and go, especially with the weather we are having in Portland!

Long blog post in short, I hope you all are embracing the bold new trend of red and always remember, there can never be too much of a good thing aka I completely support a full red pant suit!