The "Chosen One" Prada Bag and Trousers


First post on the new blog and it feels good! The Prada Tessuto bag took over the masses with attainable and timeless vintage fashion. I first saw it on my favorite blogger @matildadjerf and then on @manrepeller where they were raving about a website that sold high quality discounted items. And that is when my obsession with The Real Real @therealreal started! All in all, this bag has been a staple in my wardrobe and I don’t know if i will ever return to buying new bags. I mean why not buy an item that is high quality, will always be in style and the same price as a new lesser quality bag at any department store.

My trousers are @mango and the shoes I also bought from The Real Real, they are vintage Gucci and so comfortable!

If the items are still available I will link them but if not I will leave a link to the brands instagram so you can check them out! xx