Frills from For Love and Lemons

There is absolutely no fuss over these frills from For Love and Lemons! Recently discovering my love for Revolve Clothing, I have went on sort of a shopping rampage. My first encounter were those black jeans in my last post and here we are, yet again, in a pinky sassy dress. Now that I have established myself a repeat offender I feel no shame in my game (especially my dress game.) Speaking of dresses, I don't think I have ever appreciated them fully. I mean what a mindless piece of clothing that lets you get ready with so much ease and leaves you with time in the morning for coffee or wine, I'm not judging. I agree that fashion should challenge you and daring to wear what makes you feel slightly uncomfortable is what helps your style grow and evolve, but honey I have no issue with a mindless perfect pink dress on a Spring day in Portland!

I hope you guys like this look, I am so happy with how this all turned out and if you want to see more photos, I almost always give a sneak preview of what is to come on my instagram!


REDONE & Revolve on the Denim

Let us all start off with an applause for REDONE for giving us a heaven on earth that is their jeans. These bad boys came in the mail from Revolve Clothing about a week ago and I haven't removed them since. They have gradually gotten baggier to look like a boyfriend style jean which I am really into. It gives me the room to consume all the sodium and then some that I need to maintain a healthy pasta and wine infused diet. 

Coachella is upon us and I am saddened and excited to see all of the posts on Instagram! It is all the clothes you want to wear that may not be deemed seasonally appropriate any time of year except these weekends. If you are going then I hope you enjoy every minute of it and if not, then I will be on the sidelines with you yet again anxiously awaiting my feeds!

Travels in Tulum

I cannot begin to do justice describing my adventures in Tulum, MX. It was my first stamp on my passport and the culture shock was well worth it, never having left the US I was not exactly sure what to expect but I was open to grow and mingle with other walks of life! If you guys don't already know, Tulum is in Mexico and is about a two hour bus ride from Cancun! Every wall was painted with a vibrant force, I felt like I traveled to the city of color! From green to purple with hints of bright pink flowers, the city was a masterpiece and the beaches were a little slice of heaven. In these photos, I wore a WE THE DREAMRS swimsuit and am sad to be back to reality without that suit hugging me perfectly! I am not a very curvy person but the top was very flattering for my small chest and the bottoms left little to the imagination but in a tasteful, I didn't know my booty was hanging out, kind of way! 

I will say that I am excited to be back and have some time to catch up on my favorite blogs, you all have been missed!