Someone Take Away My Teddy Coats


Apparently I came back extremely sun-kissed from my trip to New York in twelve degree weather, or a vsco filter is at work here but I will never tell. This is yet another teddy coat, but this one was a steal at h&m! It is a little tighter than my other ones and is cropped so I feel okay with how bulky it is. The jeans are my favorite ones from REDONE but I ripped them in NY picking up a ladies pen that she dropped on the Brooklyn Bridge. Shouldn't that have given me good karma? The weather is heating up in Portland finally and this may be the last of my teddy coat extravaganza! Happy to be back on the blog, I really missed all five of you that read this! jk HI MOM!!!

Teddy Coat Season Pt. 2


Just give me one second Karen, I know what you are thinking... Two teddy coats back to back, is this girl crazy or does she just have an untamable urge to look like a fashionable teddy bear this season. Well Karen, to answer your question it might be a little bit of both...

This coat is from Reformation and I can't seem to take it off. I have it in a constant rotation with my other winter coats and honey it hasn't let me down!!!!!!!!! Don't forget to stay warm and fluffy this season my fashionable friends!!

Teddy Coat Season Pt. 1


It's teddy coat season and I took no shame in looking like the abominable snowman this winter!!!! This coat has to be my favorite purchase thus far but I have ordered a lot lately so I really shouldn't speak too soon... It is a pink gray dusty color and the cropped look goes so nicely with a fitted jean! I am leaving for New York soon for New Years and this will definitely be a staple for me there!! It feels so good to be back on the blog and doing my best to stay warm and with the trends this Winter!! OK BYEEEEEEEE!!!!