Millennial Leopard


It's Millennial Leopard season ladies and gentlemen and I am on board! I have been searching for a new trend to latch on to and nothing has really seemed to catch my eye but when Realisation Par came out with the silk leopard midi skirt, I knew that was it! Leopard is seductive but classy and can be worn in so many different print styles! It can be the statement piece or the peekaboo skirt that gives the outfit an edge. This ensemble was one of my favorites because nothing was necessarily new but it all seemed to work. I didn't need to have the latest skirt on Zara or the new heeled sandal and I went back to my old style mixed with a little new!    

Spring White Trousers


It has taken me so long to get this blog post up and I don't understand why! This is one hundred percent one of my favorite outfits so far and it is because it's so out of the box for me. We all have our comfort clothes that we know we look good in and can always throw on but a pair of flared white trousers has never been one of them. I got these from Zara and am still breaking them in but I loved the outcome. I felt sophisticated and as if my style was changing for the better! So here is a dedicated post to improving and always pushing your limits whether that is a pair of mom jeans over your leggings or a white trouser pant instead of your comfort zone levi's! 

Leopard Print All Spring and Summer


This skirt has swept my Spring and Summer wardrobe with a fury and I am standing aside to watch it all burn!! It is made of silk and it gives it a soft and sultry feel, while the length screams elegance. I have already paired it with so many different tops and shoes that it has paid itself off time and time again. It is from Realisation Par, the Los Angeles based brand that myself and every other girl can't get enough of. The glasses are from another amazing brand called Shevoke and they give a gateway into the small sunglass trend without completely shattering everything you know about your shades. 

I have posted this skirt so much on instagram that my sister had to call and tell me to cool it and wear something else, but sorry Johnnie! I am a woman on a millennial leopard mission!!!!!